The Story So Far...

And why you should care


2 min read

What's it all about?

I'm a full time Software Engineer for a tech firm in the UK, but last year I decided to start my own indie iOS app development business. There were a few reasons I made this decision, such as the desire to be financially independent. I'm now in year two of this business and have decided to share what I've learned; the good and the bad.

I'll also be transparent with my earnings, to give a feel for what works, and what doesn't.

Who's it for?

In a word, me. I'm writing the information that I wish I had when I was starting my journey. Let's be real, I'm only in my second year of the journey, so what I share now will be very different to what I share a few years from now. But, I want to chart my progress and help anyone else who's thinking of starting their own indie iOS app journey.

So what will the value be?

I will be posting updates about my business and anything I learn. Expect to see articles on:

  • Monthly earnings reports, broken down by app

  • ASO results; what has worked for me and what hasn't (with graphs! ๐Ÿ˜‰)

  • Split test results; what has boosted my conversions, why and how I did it

  • Monetisation approaches; paid app versus subscriptions with results

  • What I'm working on now and why


Amongst all this, I want to share with people my experience. In the year that I have been at this business, I've learned tons from amazing people on X and from my own mistakes (and successes!). I'm starting to make money with my apps after struggling along for 11 months or so, so I want to share how. And most of all, share the things I learn as I learn them.

Am I a millionaire? No! But I am driven, gaining traction, and learning every day at how to make this work.

This blog will serve as a distilled version of all the steps I've found to succeed, by also learning from my pitfalls.

We will run experiments together and find what works for all of us.

I hope you stick around and enjoy the journey ๐Ÿค˜